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Above: Two Citizen Movements Working for Social and Economic Justice. At Left, in early 2011, hundreds of thousands gathered for rallies on the grounds of the WI Capitol; At Right, in that same year, Occupy Wall Street participants maintained an ongoing presence at New York's Zucotti Park.

hen massive protests sprung up at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison earlier in 2011 in response to draconian anti-worker, anti-education legislative proposals by the new governor and legislature, people across the nation and the globe reached out in solidarity. Many of them had learned about developments in Wisconsin through the Social Media. In the months since then, a massive movement for workers' rights, open government, quality education, and responsive healthcare is taking hold in the US and well beyond, most recently exemplified by the Occupy Wall Street movement. While the venue and name may change over time, this movement is here to stay, and resonant non-violent protest movements everywhere are gaining strength from the organizing power of the web.

In that same spirit of solidarity, through this blog, Wisconsin activists hope to share what we have learned through our use of on-line organizing with participants in the Dec. 17-18th Netroots New York conference at Pace University, where several Wisconsinites will be presenting. As a prelude to the conference, we share these samples of innovative organizing from the Wisconsin Uprising linked to social media. Thanks to all who have produced the contributions linked to here, and to all who shared their favorite social media examples, with special thanks to Joanie Juster. Working together, we can and will make a difference!

The blog format was the fastest and most efficient way to bring together these clips for conference goers. Nonetheless, it is a topically-arranged list of content trying to fit into a chronologically-based blog format. A couple of navigation tips: 1) If scrolling through the contents in the order postings are presented, be sure to select "Older Posts" to reach additional listings beyond the bottom of each page, and 2) an ad hoc "Table of Contents" can be found in the Blog Archive list at lower right.


Happy Third Anniversary, Wisconsin Capitol Protests
Please venture further into this site to an archive of representative social media from this important social movement, which is still making its presence known three years later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UW Teaching Assistants Document Early Events

From the YouTube site of the Teaching Assistants Association (the union that represents teaching assistants at the University of Wisconsin-Madison).

The First Days of the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protests

Rally Day 1 at the Capitol Madison WI 02 14 2011

Rally Day 2 Morning Madison WI 02 15 2011

First Sleep-In Day 2 Madison WI 02-15/16-2011

Protest Rally Day 3 Madison WI 02 16 2011

Protest Rally Day 3 Capitol Rotunda Madison WI 02 16 2011

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill: High School and Middle School Youth Chanting "This is What Democracy Looks Like" 02 17 2011

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill: Protestors Sing National Anthem in the Rotunda (Day 4 Madison WI 2 17 2011)

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